Your Prudent Money DNA


So, how are your investments doing?  Are you on track?  How much risk are you taking?  Do you even know?  If not (and you are not alone) it might be time for a tune-up.

You can start first by taking the Prudent Money Risk Survey. Once completed, I will take that survey and send you back an analysis that details out your Prudent Money DNA. This will tell you how to approach risk and what type of risk you should be taking based upon your Prudent Money DNA.  The best part is that it is free. I wanted to share the survey that I have developed and give back. My main concern is that people don’t understand risk and in turn are taking the wrong type of risk. This survey is based on nearly 23 years of working one-on-one with people.

Just go to this link and fill out the information. It won’t take very long. Incidentally, the only reason we ask for your phone number is in the event we aren’t able to connect with you via email.

Maybe you feel comfortable with your risk and you just have a question. Well, take a moment and send me that question and I will answer it for you. Click Here!

Finally, maybe you want to talk more in depth. Feel free to give me a call at 972-386-0384 or send me an email at