Will Winning the Powerball Make You Happy?

Will Winning the Powerball Make You Happy?

I was listening to local sports radio this morning and they were talking about the Powerball and the billion dollar plus pot.  The host of the show commented that you would definitely be happier the day after winning the Powerball then before.  He went onto say that anyone that tells you that isn’t the case is lying.

I think anyone who were to win a Powerball jackpot of a billion plus is going to be happier than the day before for a variety of reasons.  However, I would disagree with the notion that the Powerball jackpot creates permanent happiness.  The god of money is the creator of temporary happiness.  It creates an illusion.  It never lasts.

After you pay the 100’s of millions of taxes, you then have a whole host of new problems.  First, try the new security detail you are probably going to have to hire to follow you, your spouse, and your kids around and guard you 24 hours a day.  You are now a marked billionaire that many a terrorist or kidnapper would love to exploit.  That money is a game changer for everyone in your family and a constant security threat.

Second, every “friend” and family member you know will come out of the woodworks.  They will wonder why a person with a billion plus dollars can’t loan them or even give them $10000.  After all, what is $10,000 to a guy who has over a billion dollars?  You will always in the back of your mind wonder about people’s motives.

Third, at least on the onset, you will have no privacy as the world will want to know your story.

Fourth, every charitable cause will be knocking at your door.  Once again, they will wonder why you can’t spare a big donation that you surely won’t miss.

Finally, you will always wonder if you will become a Lottery Winner statistic losing everything or taking your own life.

Yes, sounds like a great life.  The reality of it is that at some point being the guy who won the Powerball will become the new normal making you start to miss the old normal.  You will cease to get satisfaction from buying things.  You won’t even get the temporary high because you know that there is nothing you can’t buy.

Do you see why lotto winners of substantial wealth end up miserable?

No, there is only one way to true happiness and isn’t the god of money – it is the one true God.  That is the only permanent happiness you can have.  From a stewardship standpoint, you want to strive to grow in your relationship in Christ to where your level of happiness would not change at all prior to or after you win the Powerball.

  • Ani

    If one keeps the right perspective about it, the money will not corrupt them, nor will it make them miserable. All it will do is amplify who they already are. If you were a good steward (i.e. tither, giver, prudent investor) beforehand with a budget of $500 per week, having $500 million dollars will only amplify your character and integrity.

    • Bob Brooks

      I would agree. I think that for anyone getting that type of money creates the potential for problems. Thanks for your reply

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