What do the Kardashians and Politicians have in Common? Everything!

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As I do every morning, I skim the news sites for material for the blog or the radio show.  Of course, it is my intent to write mostly about stewardship and all things that are financial.  During the political season, I always find it interesting to hear what the politicians say about each other.

It struck me this morning as I read the headlines.  Politician Rand Paul stated that “I don’t think having a reality TV star probably is going to be best for the country.”  Of course, he is referencing Donald Trump and is popularity in the polls.  Like him or not, Donald Trump is more than a reality TV star.  He has a track record of business success.  Putting him in the same league with the Kardashians is belittling anything that he has accomplished.  Reality star is only a part of his resume and not something that defines him.

I find it funny that the politicians in the Republican Party would refer to him as only a reality start when in fact, politics might be the biggest reality show on TV.  Think about it for a moment.  Reality stars are paid for being famous. They do whatever they have to do for popularity and ratings.  Then there are the scandals.  The more scandalous the scandals the better the ratings. Then there is the drama.  There is tons of tons of drama.

Reality stars have a pre-reality star life where they had some accomplishments and then there are reality stars that become stars overnight without any type of a track record at all.

Politicians are not any different.  They are paid financially and through the accumulation of power for being famous.  They do whatever they have to do to be popular and famous.  The more popular and famous they stay the more likely they are to stay a reality start or a politician.

Just like the reality starts, the politicians work long days really doing very little.  After all, it is grueling work to stay on top of the ratings.  It is all about appearances and how they appear to the public.  It is about making the public believe a certain way.  However, at the end of the day, they don’t really accomplish anything.  They just look real busy with demanding schedules.  They appear to be very important when at the end of the day they are famous for being famous. Realistically, they are good actors.

Then there is the political drama.  Will they find compromise?  Will they shut the government done?  Will they get the votes to pass the bill?  Stay tuned as we watch the what they do in the 11th hour.

Most of the politicians had a professional life before they became politicians.  The question is did they have enough experience and success in that professional life to warrant being elected to office.  Will the country benefit from that experience or just be the audience for another reality TV show?

I had the pleasure of interviewing Tony Uphoff who is the CEO of www.business.com.  We were discussing what it would be like to have a business person in the White House versus a politician.  A seasoned individual who would run the country as a business versus a “reality star.”

During the interview we came to the conclusion that it was very important that a business person get elected. I couldn’t tell you whether Trump is the right choice. However, finally, we have more choices beyond the politician to choose from.

The country is in a mess.  We need someone who can turn it around like a company that has gone the wrong direction for many years.  We need someone that is going to turn it back into a successful entity.  Said another way, we need someone who is going to approach it from the business of business versus the drama of a reality star.

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