US Government Seizing Taxpayer Cash?

The other day I wrote about Greece and the Prime Minister’s decision to seize Greek local government cash in order to fund their federal government expenses.  Apparently, cash seizures by the Government are happening here as well.  However, it is the social security seizing the money. 

More than 77 million Americans look forward to receiving tax refunds.  Unfortunately, for some those refunds never made it to them. 

Shalita Grant was looking forward to receiving her refund.  However she never received a refund that was legally due her from the IRS.  Instead, Social Security decided to take her $1,500 tax refund.  Ms. Grant did not owe the social security any money.  She was not drawing on social security.  However, her father was overpaid $13,000 for a Social Security disability payment.  So, they took his daughter’s refund. 

Social Security claims they have the authority to go over a relatives refund. However, they repeatedly deny that they practice such a thing.  In fact, they told Congress: “We did not…(collect) any…debt that was incurred by a parent or another family member.”

A CBS investigation uncovered 12 people that had the same experience.  Due to the investigation, Social Security refunded to at least two of the taxpayers that were interviewed for the story.

Cash seizure by the government…..don’t think it could happen here?  Think again… 

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