Trump, Republicans, a Party of Chaos

Trump, Republicans, a Party of Chaos

The failure of the healthcare bill vote on Friday by the house speaks volumes about the mess we have in Washington. Let’s break down what the failed vote says about our leadership in Washington.

First, President Trump Blew It

President Trump is all about the optics and results. He is the guy who is going to fix everything. There is some good and bad with that attitude.  First, he is in such a hurry to get a victory he doesn’t take into account this is Washington DC and not corporate America.  He wants to run the country like a business. This is going to be the weakest part of his leadership. You can’t run the country like a business until you get rid of all of the politicians. Politics taints the process. You have to allow for politics. You have to slow down. He rushed it in order to put a notch on his belt in his first 100 days. Can you imagine what that would have looked like?  Instead he might have just set his agenda back.

Second, Paul Ryan Is Not Mature Enough to Be Speaker of the House

How do you have a Republican led Senate, House, and White House and not get something done? That is a failure in leadership. He knows how Washington works. I don’t think that he has the strength in leadership to undertake this position. He demonstrated that during the election. He is just lucky that President Trump is not making him a part of the conversation.

Third, the Democrats Are Not the Only One Concerned About “Draining the Swamp”

It is obvious there is a strong faction in President Trump’s own party that does not want him to succeed. My guess is that they feel threaten by not only his will to get things done but also his threat to clean up Washington politics. What amazes me is that a good percentage of these Republican politicians have mid-year elections and overhauling the healthcare bill could have been a good thing. That is what the Republican base wanted. They could have worked harder to secure the passing of the bill. In addition, if this is the best that they can do when it comes to unity, then there is doubt this Republican control of the house and senate will last.

Fourth, Obamacare Implosion Is Not the Answer

President Trump, in an attempt to control the optics, says he will stand out of the way and let Obamacare implode. That is a horrible answer to fixing healthcare. Guess who gets hurt in that implosion? The voter gets hurt. You pick up the pieces after an implosion. If the system hasn’t imploded, the system is still intact and a little easier to put back together. Although I support President Trump, I don’t care for the thought of continuing high prices and higher prices in healthcare premiums and services.

Finally, Is Obamacare Even Fixable?

Gordan Gekko in the movie Wall Street made a remark to the up and coming broker Bud Fox about some stocks that he was suggesting for Gekko. After rejecting one after another of Fox’s recommendations he said about the final stock recommendation that “it is a dog with different fleas.” That is the same thing about anything the Republicans are bringing to the table. The system is broken. To even come close to fixing it you must start by removing the politics and that is never going to happen.

This might have been a blessing in disguise for President Trump. His healthcare replacement bill appeared to have just as many issues. However, the optics would have been in his favor. Ironically the implosion of Obamacare might be a good thing for him and not for us.

  • AustinBallast

    The problems come from more than what you note.

    I trust that Trump will learn from this as he always does. He has already done a great many things, so we will be far ahead even if health care change is a total flop. I would love to see everything change, but we didn’t get where we are in a day and it will take more than that to get out of it.

    You are right about Ryan. Good article on Townhall about how he dropped the ball on this one. Trump can’t make Congress behave all on his own, as you note in your comments about draining the swamp. Obamacare light is not the answer.

    Though many people don’t want to give up things that are ultimately harmful. The preexisting coverage sounds great, especially if you need that, but it makes insurance much more difficult.

    Not an easy thing to solve, but Congress should have done much better.

    • Bob Brooks

      Austin totally agree – Rome wasn’t built in a day. Thanks for your comments

  • crashtx1

    Do we Republicans have an actual healthcare plan? It seems Trump didn’t come in with a plan, so he followed Ryan. Everybody hates the ACA, sort of, but then it seems someone realized a lot of people would be upset to lose coverage without a good replacement option. I know good, hard working people that couldn’t afford healthcare before the ACA, can’t afford ACA plans, can’t afford to use the plan they are supposedly forced to buy if they bought it. There has to be a solution for those people other than “you should have made better choices in life”.

    • Bob Brooks

      Do we have a solid healthcare plan. Who knows? I have a client who is one of the architects of the Republican platform and he swears by it. It feel very rushed. I just can’t get past the math is the math. No matter what you do the politics are still involved, the premiums are not enough, and the sick have guaranteed healthcare.

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