They to a Cost Effective Valentine’s Day – Knowing What Each Other Really Wants

By Bob Brooks
February 4, 2015



OK, with a title like that one, no one can accuse me of being a hopeless romantic.  You just finish paying off Christmas and then another potentially expensive holiday arrives – Valentine’s Day.  Who says you have to spend a ton of money?  It might be that we are drawing the wrong conclusions about what are spouse/significant other actually wants. just released a survey with interesting results that might actually surprise you. 


·      65% of those surveyed prefer a low-key dinner on Valentine’s Day versus the upscale restaurants


·      More Woman than men want to order takeout and stay home (34% vs. 23%)


·      More Men than women prefer a gourmet dinner at an upscale restaurant


Does that surprise you?  Now, I can’t imagine that the majority of guys really want to go to an overpriced restaurant, wait for hours to get seated, get rushed, select from a set menu that costs more than the previous night, and be abused by potentially bad service.  Yes, that is what Valentine’s Day upscale often gets you and why I refuse to go out to dinner on Valentine’s Day.  Our Valentine’s day is any day but the 14th.


So, why do the majority of men prefer the upscale restaurant?  I would suggest that they think their significant other prefers it. 


So, read the stats for yourself.  I am not saying don’t spend money on your significant other on Valentine’s Day .  Just spend it differently.  After all you both might want the same thing – low key.


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