The Ten Lessons That Trump Just Taught Politicians

20724666936_e128bf95bb_bThe Ten Lessons that Trump Just Taught Politicians

I hope that politicians everywhere took notes because there was a lot to learn from Trump’s campaign.

  1. With the right strategy you can run for higher offices without being a career politician. Trump just paved the way for non-politicians to run for office.
  2. Trump made it about a movement without the politics. Politicians make it about the politics first and then use a catchy slogan – Campaigns are  won when the people buy into a movement that is designed around something that strikes a nerve. Movements move people.
  3. For the first time, the people showed up and made it about voting out versus voting in – Voting allows citizens to overturn the government without the violence.
  4. Don’t put as much stock in polls or the bias of the media – look at real numbers – The polls never made sense when you consider that he had tens of thousands of people consistently showing up at his rallies.
  5. Brand your movement and repeat that brand over and over. Trump is the master at branding.
  6. You can be yourself and still get elected. Politicians oftentimes don’t show who they really are in elections. They want you to see a certain persona. As uncomfortable as it was to watch, Trump never stopped being himself. Whether you like him or not, what you see is what you get when it comes to Donald Trump.
  7. Unfortunately, it appears that honesty doesn’t matter in elections. Exit polling found that people thought Hillary was more honest than Trump. Yet, he gets elected. Dishonesty surrounded Hillary during her entire campaign. Further, in light of all of the facts concerning Hillary’s blatant dishonest past, she still won the popular vote.
  8. Always stand your ground and don’t give into political pressure. He got elected and we still have no idea what is on those tax returns.
  9. Go for the small donations and mass numbers of contributors versus really wealthy donors who you will owe a favor. That helped the voter fill a part of a movement. Actually Obama was good at that type of ground game as well.
  10. Use words such as “bigly” in your speeches.  Not only will it catch the attention of your audience, it leaves them wondering – is that a word? (It actually is)
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