The Easiest Way to Get Your Identity Stolen – Avoid This

By Bob Brooks

January 28, 2015

Police are looking for a man who has been breaking into cars at local gyms and stealing personal belongings.  The man is apparently targeting women.  He waits until they leave their car and then he strikes. 

It has always amazed me how people will leave purses, computers, valuables, etc. out in plain daylight for anyone to steal.  Just the other day at Starbucks, I parked next to a lady who got out of her car leaving her cell phone and computer bag right in plain sight for anyone to grab.  In fact, it didn’t even look like the car was locked. 

I did Google search on the different ways a thief could break into a car.  Beyond just smashing the window and grabbing valuables (which they can do fast and with minimal effort), I was surprised to the number of ways a thief can take your personal belongings.

A former assistant who is typically very good about not leaving anything valuable in her car, found out the hard way that this could happen even in the least expected places.  She pulled up to pick up her child from daycare.  She left her purse and her computer bag sitting in the front seat. She figured 5 o clock in the afternoon, parked four feet from the door, what could go wrong?  Even with people in the parking lot, busted out her window, stole the purse and computer bag, and was on his way within 10 seconds.  Witnesses marveled how quickly it happened.

These stories should serve as a wake-up call to stop leaving valuables sitting in your car. 

What about in the trunk?  Even the trunk is not a good place to leave items.  You would be surprised how easy it is to get into a locked trunk.

So here are a few tips –

1)      Make it a rule to never leave anything in your car that you wouldn’t want stolen.  Teach this to your kids as well. Kids are always leaving electronics sitting in plain view.  Plus it is a good habit to help them develop

2)      Be aware of your surroundings when you park.  Always be aware of the people around you in a parking lot

3)      Limit the amount of documents and personal information that you keep in computer bags, purses, and wallets. If it does happen, you will at least minimize the damage.

4)      Finally, never carry social security cards with you at any time for any reason.  You are creating the potential for the worst case scenario.  

  We can’t take chances anymore.  Crime is getting to aggressive.  Fortunately, it is easy to prevent this from happening.  You just don’t use your car as a locker!

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