Why Robert Kiyosaki is Wrong

Robert Kiyosaki has been hugely successful as an author and giver of financial advice.  This time he is just plain wrong.  A CNBC piece quotes the author as saying – “You cannot follow your parents’ rules of money,”… Read More

The Politicians – Stewardship Lesson #2

The Small Things Matter We have 535 voting members of Congress. They ear mark billions of dollars year in and year out on pet projects that add relatively little value. For example, there was $18.9 million earmarked for… Read More

The 5 Step Stewardship Process for Handling His Money

By Bob Brooks January 29, 2015   Being a Prudent Steward of what God has given us is an awesome responsibility.  We want to steward or manage well.  I have examined my own financial life over the past… Read More

“God Told Me to Make You a Lot of Money”

By Bob Brooks January 16, 2014 I had someone call me and tell me a very disturbing story.  A financial advisor held a seminar at a church.  It was a product marketing seminar disguised as an educational seminar. … Read More