Stay Away from These 24 Hour Emergency Rooms – Part II

Stay Away from these 24 hour emergency Rooms Part Two

After this 24 hour Emergency Room place ripped me off this summer, I have been on a crusade warning my listeners and readers

This post is form a neighborhood email board.  The warning stays the same.  STAY AWAY FROM THESE 24 HOUR STAND ALONE EMERGENCY ROOMS.  Story after story of what I rip off they are.  There is a reason they are popping up on every corner.  They are a big money maker at the expense of the patients that go there.  Here is one ladies story and here is something that I wrote a few months ago (link to the one I previously wrote)

My visiting son and family have been in town, and he has been having bad stomach pains, so this morning he came down and said he was going to the 24 Hour ER on Frankford by Chick-Fil-A. I said, don’t go there. I had an ear infection, the doctor spent less that 5 minutes with me and they charged me $1500. But kids never listen to their parents, so off he went. My daughter in law texted him after some time, and he said he was sitting there with an IV in his arm. She is a Johns Hopkins trained cardiac and ER anesthesiologist, borrowed my car and charged over there flames leaping out her eyes. After confronting the doctor for procedures that she said were entirely unnecessary and done only to increase his bill, they came to the same conclusion that I did. This place is a total rip off. Only difference, she has the credibility to know he was being had. I only had my innate sense of right to know that $1500 for 5 minutes is a crazy amount of money to spend on an RX that didn’t work. She is going to report this doctor at the very least.

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