Socialism for All the Wrong Reasons

Socialism for All the Wrong Reasons

4 out of 10 Americans have given up on the American Dream.  They think that it is impossible to achieve.  What’s worst, the Millennial Generation now views socialism as more favorable than capitalism.

Why?  Crony Capitalism.

Cronyism occurs when politicians do favors in return for other favors.  You take care of me and I take care of you. In fact, cronyism is the biggest problem in America.  It is at the heart of every single problem we have in this country. It is why healthcare is blowing up.  It is the politicians.  Cronyism is how politicians stay in office.  They should be called “Cronynicians.”

There are three disturbing points about this view concerning the American Dream and socialism.

First, it doesn’t fix the problem of cronyism.  Cronyism is a cancer without a cure.  An ethical bypass or intervention from God would have to occur to correct that problem – which leads me to the second point.

Second, cronyism doesn’t get better and only gets worst.  The very ones who practice cronyism are the ones who we are asking to police themselves.  That is never going to happen.  Can you imagine a politician voting to have his or her term in office limited to 4 years? Whatever would they do for that 4 year time period?  Well, they wouldn’t be spending 4 years working for reelection by taking care their pals.  Wow, they might actually be running the country for our best interest.

Finally, the most disturbing point of the three is the problem of generational shifts.  Countries are molded by generations.  It starts with the millennials and then that view flows down the line strengthening every generation as they embrace the ideology feeling like there is no other way.  After all, there are only a few generations that have experienced true capitalism, the ideology that made this country great.   The older generations die off making the millennials the older generation one day.

Be careful what you wish for!  You just have to look at Europe to realize that socialism doesn’t work.  Of course capitalism isn’t working so hot either.  It is a shame that the people we elect to protect our best interests are the very problem we can’t seem to fix.  It is also a shame that people think that socialism is our best solution.

  • George McCormick

    Very well put Bob!

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