Saving Money Won’t Get You to Retirement

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You read it all of the time.  Pop Culture Financial Advice states that all you have to do is save a certain percentage of your income and you will have a great retirement.

Suze Orman who could be the queen of Pop Culture Financial Advice says we’ve been asking the wrong question all along.  “‘How much do I need to retire?’ is a stupid question!” she told TODAY. “The real question is, ‘What is the best way I can save for my retirement?'”

By the way, I respectively submit that none of your questions are stupid.

I am on a mission to save you from Pop Culture Financial Advice.  Saving the right percentage and the method of saving are all important. However, that in itself will not get you to retirement.

Although Pop Culture Financial Advice wants to make everything seem like an easy 2 step process, the reality is that you have to work at anything that you expect success and that includes your retirement.

Achieving your retirement goals is a 4 step process.

Yes Step 1 starts with saving.  However, saving alone will not get you to your goals.

Step 2 involves having an effective investment plan that mirrors your appetite for risk.  That is crucial and often overlooked.

Step 3 is management of those investments.  You need a plan A when the market is going up and a Plan B when it doesn’t go up.

Finally, step 4, you need an intentional plan set up that shows you the amount that you need invested for retirement at the end of each year.  You need to know annually if you are on track or not.

It is a 4 step process that is going to get you to a successful retirement and not a 1 step process.

Unfortunately, Pop Culture Financial Advice has you focused on the wrong things.

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