Resources to Get You Through a Tough Stock Market

Renew Your Mind


Through the Prudent Money Show, I am committed to helping spread financial education so that everyone can be better stewards of what God has given them.  I want to make sure you are aware of the resources available.

If you want to start a dialogue or you have a simple question to Ask Bob.

If you want to schedule a 20 minute phone call, simply send me an email for a request –

If you want a free risk analysis that will tell you how you are wired for risk and explain a little about your Prudent Money DNA, go here.

We have started building the Prudent Money Channel at  You can start the learning process from watching what has already been put on the site even though the site is in the very early stages

Finally, if you want to talk about either changing financial planners or starting a brand new relationship, you can read more here or you can call my office at 972-386-0384.

I am completely committed to providing resources.  The bottom line is get informed and if you need to take action or make decisions, do so!

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