Presidential Candidates and the Credit Scores of Their Followers

My Thoughts on TrumpPresidential Candidates and the Credit Scores of Their Followers

Free credit score web-site WalletHub ran an interesting piece on a survey that they put together.  So just to take a break from all of the bickering, name calling, lies, fighting, over promising, and soul selling, I thought I would run their results and add a few comments.  It is called the Presidential Credit Score.

Here are some credit statistics of the followers of each candidate that came as a result of this nationally representative survey.

What about the followers with the best credit scores?  Well they follow Kasich and Rubio.

  • Almost 60% of John Kasich supporters have excellent credit scores – the highest percentage of any candidate. Marco Rubio supporters came in second, at 58%.

Comment – since they also have the minority of the votes and only the minority of people have good credit, that makes sense.

How about the followers with the worst credit scores?

  • Almost 26% of Hillary Clinton supporters have bad credit, the most of any candidate. She is followed by supporters of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, at 22% and 20%, respectively.

Comment – This doesn’t speak to well of the democratic party.  Maybe Hillary’s promise of free college tuition for everyone will solve that problem.  Bernie’s supporters are burdened by student load debt which lowers credit scores.  Finally, Trump does have a big democratic following which could explain his 20%.

  • When it comes to fair credit, Ted Cruz has the most supporters in that credit range (almost 1 out of 5).

Comment – Fair, balanced, middle of the road – remember you can “trust Ted.”  Side note – can you really trust a candidate who has to tell you that you can trust them?
For the complete results of WalletHub’s Presidential Credit Score Survey, please visit:

Comments were not intended to insult anyone or start riots.

Bob Brooks is host of The Prudent Money Radio Show, Financial Advisor, and active money manager that consults and helps people plan.

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