When it comes to money, planning is the most important process you could undertake. Yet only 19%* of people actually have a comprehensive financial plan. Perhaps it comes down to the complexity of planning. Often times, the financial services industry makes the planning process cumbersome and difficult to understand. Perhaps it comes down to regret. So many people are not where they want to be and feel hopeless. Thus, they don’t want a financial planner to remind them of what is not working.

To be successful long-term it is important to have a simple game plan for achieving intentionally set goals.  It is about establishing priorities and determining the two or three steps it will take to accomplish them.  That is where you start the process.  Monitoring your progress and knowing you are on track is key to the success of the process.   Regret is never a part of any planning process.  It is not a matter of where you have been.  It is a matter of what you do going forward.  A plan can be creatively designed for anyone regardless of where they are in life.

It is about sitting down and listening to where you want to go, designing simple steps to get you there, and creating benchmarks to track progress.  A  200 page complex plan is not the answer.  A realistic, understandable, game plan is the answer.

We can take a look at every aspect of your financial life or just focus on certain priorities.  If you would like to know more about the process, send me an email at or call me at 972-386-0384.

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*Consumer Federation of America survey