“People on Medicaid Who Will Lose Coverage… Could Find Jobs that Provide Health Insurance.”

“People on Medicaid Who Will Lose Coverage… Could Find Jobs that Provide Health Insurance.”

Kellyanne Conway said something this morning that just goes to show their healthcare plan is dead on arrival.  She said that those on Medicaid who will lose insurance can just go out and get a job and get benefits. Just like that! Lose your coverage and go get a job where an employer is going to pay for it. I am not really sure why she thought that was a good idea. Maybe it is desperation for sound bites.

As the Trump administration touts job creation, the reality is that there were more jobs that were estimated to be created then actually created.  Said another way, if you take out those government produced estimates, you have negative job growth since President Trump took office. To be fair, that is the hangover effect of President Obama’s policies. If this economy (which President Trump is taking a lot of credit for) heads south it won’t be President Obama getting the deserved credit for it, it will  be President Trump. He doesn’t need those optics. The media would love that by-line.

The healthcare system is broken. The type of solution that would probably fix this is politically unattainable. After all, we would have to remove all of the politics from healthcare. Good luck with that one!

First, the numbers are the numbers. Insurance companies, at least the ones that are left in the system, are dramatically increasing premiums for a reason. They are experiencing major losses. If Obamacare were a good healthcare plan, all  insurance plans would be competing for the insurance needs of the American people. Now you have very few insurers willing to take that risk.

Second, you can’t get rid of pre-existing conditions clauses in contracts and expect it to work without a major overhaul (which would be politically unacceptable). It appears that we are transitioning back to some sort of a hybrid of the old and the new healthcare models. President Trump so badly wants to shift the conversation and be the leader who overhauled and repealed Obamacare. To repeal Obamacare you have to bring back pre-existing condition riders and only offer premium coverage to people who are healthy.  At the heart of Obamacare is healthcare for everyone.  That is what would be repealed.  If he leads the process to take that mandate away and offer some sub health insurance to those with pre-existing conditions, he will create a set of optics no one would want.

Once again, they need to slow down, put the politics right, and carve all of the politics out of our healthcare system.  Then, and only then, does privately based healthcare have a chance.

Photo credit: Michael Vadon, Counselor to the President KellyAnne Conway at CPAC 2017, Flickr

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