Need to Improve Your Cash Flow This Christmas? Try This.

CalculatorNeed to Improve Your Cash Flow This Christmas? Try This.

It was announced a few weeks ago that Comcast, the country’s largest cable company, was overbilling customers for services that they never authorized. Comcast Corp. will pay a $2.3 million fine.

Then there is AT&T. Back in October 2014, AT&T was fined 105 million for over-billing customers.

I would submit to you there is a good chance you are either being over-billed for services that you are using or paying for services that you don’t use. It could also be that you thought you canceled something and either you forgot or the company ignored you.

What is the answer? It is time to audit your spending. Check and see what you are paying for month in and month out. You might just find that you can increase your cash flow.

When I first audited my spending, I started with AT&T. I found services on my bill that I never authorized. After the audit I discovered AT&T owed me between $400 and $500 (depends on whose numbers that are used – mine or AT&Ts). What’s worse, even with proof, it took an act of Congress to get them to pay me back. I remember spending a good part of an afternoon trying to get the world’s worst customer service department to reimburse me. They still owed me roughly $100. I finally gave up. It just wasn’t worth it.

Then about a year later, I switched my internet from AT&T to Time Warner. I canceled the service. I thought I had my AT&T bill perfectly audited until 12 months later I discovered that they had been charging me $40 a month for internet after I canceled it. OK, I know – I should have been paying better attention and listen to my own advice.

Of course, they had “no record” of me canceling my internet. That was an additional $480.00 out the window. I canceled it a second time. 3 months later I discovered that they were still billing me. I had them now. I had proof that I called and canceled. I did actually get reimbursed for that one.

When is the last you checked that gym membership?  Are you still paying the gym for childcare when your kids are in high school?  What about other memberships or subscriptions?  What about that Satellite bill? Are you still paying for movie channels that you don’t watch?  How about your long distance plan? Are you getting the best deal? Are you overpaying for your electricity?  Electricity providers compete for your business.  Just go to and see for yourself!

Don’t forget about checking those credit card statements. There might be some charges showing up there for services you no longer use.

So, if you want to improve your cash flow during the most expensive month of the year, audit your bills. A full scale audit of your spending can turn into a treasure hunt!  Most importantly, it is just prudent stewardship!

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