Nearly 34 Million Cars Could Have Defective Airbags – Is Yours One of Them?

Takata makes air bags.  Apparently, they don’t do a good job with them because some of these airbags have exploded on impact killing the passenger or driver.  A number of car manufacturers use Takata parts in their cars.   They started with a limited recall last year.  After another driver was killed this year,  the Department of Transportation expands the recall effecting over 34 million cars.

The question is…..Do you have a faulty air bag?

“There is good news and bad news with the announcement of the Takata air bag recall:  the good news, millions more Americans are covered for a fix to this serious problem, the bad news, it could take years to get safe parts manufactured and replaced in affected vehicles.”

Jack Gillis, Consumer Federation of America’s automotive expert and author of The Car Book, published with the Center for Auto Safety

So the key is to take action. Time is not on your side. So what do you do?

(1)  Go to and type in your VIN – this will tell you if your car has a Takata Airbag

(2)  Immediately call your dealership and have the airbag replaced

(3)  Make sure a loan car is part of the repair

Jack Gillis gave this advice.  “The sooner you contact a dealer, the sooner you’ll get on the list for repairs. Traditional recall response rates are around 70%, so in the end, if consumers don’t respond to this recall, there could potentially be over 10 million vehicles with this dangerous defect on the road. While the root cause of this problem is not fully understood, humid regions with high moisture in the air can exacerbate the problem.  Consumers in those areas have likely already received a recall notice and should respond immediately.”

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