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My Thoughts on TrumpMy Thoughts on Trump

So what are your thoughts on the election? This is a question I get 2 or 3 times a day. People are surprised when I have something positive to say about Trump rather than bashing him. I stopped attacking candidates a long time ago. Yes, I will admit I slip from time to time. On the whole, they are no different than us.They are human beings with families, sons, daughters, spouses etc. They make good choices and bad choices and choices that they regret. We are all not that much different. However, what separates us is our ideologies.

Ideology –  the body of doctrine, myth, belief, etc., that guides an individual, social movement, institution, class, or large group.

These candidates all have their ideologies. Bernie Sanders seems like a nice enough guy. If I were a socialist and believed in higher taxation and wealth distribution, I would vote for him in a minute. Hillary Clinton would appeal to me if I were an establishment Democrat and the lover of die hard politics and supported her desire for power. Ted Cruz, well, I appreciate his mastery of the constitution and his ability to debate. However, he comes across to me as someone who wants to be a career politician. I just can’t get passed that with him. Marco Rubio is trying to hitch on to the Reagan brand. His adoption of the Ronald Reagan ideology doesn’t seem a fit for his personality or really believable.

That leaves Trump. Trump is a fit for most of my ideology which I have to be true to. Now my ideology like yours is diverse and complex. He of course does not come close to checking all of the boxes. I don’t care for how he treats people. He comes across as a bully at times. I am not into name calling.

I would like someone whose sole objective is to glorify God and God alone. If a candidate campaigns with God, you really won’t know if that is a strong commitment until you watch them in action over a period of years. At least with Trump, you see what you are getting. He doesn’t mix words.

What I like about Trump is that he blows up the political system with that brashness. He funds his own campaign so no one owns him. Finally, he is the best bet to fix the biggest problem that we have in America – cronyism.

Cronyismthe practice of partiality in awarding jobs and other advantages to friends or trusted colleagues, especially in politics and between politicians and supportive organizations.  Wikipedia

Said another way, Cronyism is the practice of taking care of those who take care of you. It seems more like politicians spend their time in office working towards the next campaign and staying elected than getting anything done and what they get done is motivated by cronyism. They do this by doing favors and taking care of those who can keep them in office. It is such a broken system.

Cronyism is why we are 19 trillion dollars in debt. Cronyism is why we have a broken healthcare system. Cronyism is at the heart of every problem in America. Politicians taking care of their friends who keep them in office. Of course, a system without term limits, allows and fosters the growth of cronyism.

Politicians don’t get things done. Politicians aren’t tough enough with our enemies. Trump’s ego (like it or not) wouldn’t allow for either of those things to happen. He is the best bet to blow up politics and maybe reshape the way things are done in Washington. He doesn’t care what you think. He doesn’t care if you agree with him or not. Finally, he will say anything that is on his mind. He has no filter. Yes, I know. People wished he had a filter. He is far from a politician.

People are sick and tired of Washington and Trump’s message resonates with the ideology of bringing back the power to the people and taking it from Washington. Now, who knows if he would get anything done. Who knows if he would be effective? You can say that about anyone of them. They are all unknowns.

Finally, I do believe he is the best bet to beat Hillary. It is going to take someone tough to beat the Clinton Machine. It will also take non-conventional methods to win. Politicians are to conventional. What my democratic friends don’t understand is how bad it is in Europe. With 4 more years of Bernie or Clinton, we will be Europe.

Although there are a lot of things that I don’t like, Trump is at the heart of what I believe is the solution to the problem of politics as usual. At least out of that group of candidates, Trump is the only one who has a real chance of creating change.

  • Alisha

    Very interesting point! I appreciate this viewpoint as it helps me see Trump in a different light.

    • Bob Brooks

      thank you Alisha

  • crashtx1

    Unfortunately I could not disagree more. I’ve been following Trump since his first book about 30 years ago. He’s a hustler and that’s it. If you follow his business dealings you know he’s a huge fan of OPM and debt. He has no morals that I can see. And as you said, he’s a bully. I shouldn’t have to explain why someone running for president is such an embarrassment as a human being(unfortunately I have to explain that about all the candidates, but Trump takes it to a new level). Electing Trump may get things blown up, but not the way Americans might want.

    • Bob Brooks

      Well, then I have to pose a question which is the toughest one for many conservative voters to make – Trump or Clinton? Trump might blow up the political system and Clinton would burn the place down – thanks for your comments

      • crashtx1

        That is the tough question, and what all the AM pundits are putting out there as well. I have always said I would never vote for Hillary, but I never imagined in my lifetime the GOP would roll out someone like Trump.

        • Bob Brooks

          yes I hear you Crash – thanks for taking the time to comment

      • crashtx1

        Bob, follow up comment. One thing I discuss with my friends that support Bernie: is there anything in his past that would make you think he has the ability to accomplish what he says he wants. Not words, but experience. There is nothing in Trump’s past that says he could do anything that he says. But, hustlers hustle. It’s just a sad, sad year.

  • J. Garrett

    Thanks Bob – I too have struggled with figuring out who is the best candidate for the GOP. I don’t trust Cruz and believe he’s just a career politician, Rubio is inexperienced, which leaves Trump… he at least understands business (many will argue this), inequity of importing/exporting between China & Mexico (among others) and the fact that we need to quit bowing down to our enemies. He’s perfect by no means, could use some polish, but I believe he’ll get closer to that and will surround himself with very talented people if elected.

    • Bob Brooks

      yes, for many, it is tough to see past the condescending behavior he displays. Take Obama for example – it is not like he is bringing skill sets to that position. It is interesting for sure!

  • Brad Hise

    I like some of the same things about Trump and agree that he will accomplish what you say. The struggle I have is that logic tells me, as a Christian, I should vote for someone who is saved, has biblical character, and will seek God’s will. As far as I can tell, Rubio is this type of candidate. Yet I feel like Trump would be more effective. Not sure what to make of it. But the question that arises for me is if we as a people had been voting for candidates(at all levels) who put God first, would we be in the mess we are in? I don’t think so. We, as a nation have turned from God enough that the wrong people are getting elected and we are becoming more and more unstable because of it. And soon we may be reaping what we have sown in a very big way. Still, I like Trump- the guy who says “two Corinthians” when quoting from II Corinthians. “Sigh”

    • Bob Brooks

      Brad – yes two Corinthians – not his best moment. I think that you rarely see strong Christians at the top because most Christians aren’t willing to do what has to be done to win something of that magnitude. By definition, their Christian values prevent the actions politics requires. That is not a slight against Cruz or Rubio. I guess it comes down to the bigger picture question – Clinton or Trump?

      • Brad Hise

        Bob, thanks for your reply. If it came down to Trump vs Clinton, which I realize is very likely, I would, of course, choose Trump. And I would feel pretty good about Rubio or Cruz as a running mate. Christie is already making a run for that position. We will see how it goes.

  • David Leeman

    I so agree with what Brad just said. Trump sounds like he will do enough things we agree with that you want to believe he will do the best for the country. But he will only do what is best for Donald. That’s why he broke vows with two wives–not for incompatibility but for sexual conquests. Multiple times of which he brags (and of course says he doesn’t need to ask forgiveness of God. This man will easily break vows with America. But America wants a king who will rescue us from the enemies of the establishment. And God may grant us a man far worse than King Saul. America wants someone who will make us great again, and God may grant us a Hitler-like demagogue. I’d much rather trust a man with less than ideal experience who says “if God wills I will be president.” A man who is humble enough to understand he needs help from others and wisdom from God. From whom does Trump seek his thoughts? I fear to know! I’d so much rather he said honestly, “my God is myself” rather than I’m a Presbyterian.
    But you ask Trump or Clinton? If it comes down to that, it is time for the righteous and the ones who believe you never give the presidency to a hustler and leave both parties. To put forth yet another candidate who might be centrist enough to appeal to both democrats who can’t trust or disdain Hillary and Republicans who can’t trust or disdain Trump but is a man or woman of character, of statesman-like leadership qualities, who has earned the respect of most Americans like Robert Gates, possibly Rudy Giuliani, or someone we don’t even know yet.
    Otherwise, I will stay home and leave the election to God!

    • Bob Brooks

      David – thanks for your comments. If you get a chance tonight, watch the interchange between Pastor Jeffries and Trump in Fort Worth. He really supports him I think because he truly thinks that he will do a lot for the Christian community. Trump made the comment today that one of the things he wants to do is change the laws to where Christians can politically mobilize without the threat of the government yanking their 501 C3. Just out of curiosity – does it change your opinion if he were to pick a Christian running mate like Rubio or Cruz?

      • David Leeman

        Of course, that would be helpful, but I think the chances of that happening–given all the slander trading back and forth at this point are slim to none. Plus I don’t know how Christian men like Cruz and Rubio could stand beside someone in support who has so contradicted the name Christian. Never having to ask God for forgiveness? And calls himself a Christian? That’s as contradictory as anything he has said or done. I would like him better and possibly be able to support him if he just admitted he doesn’t follow Christianity.

      • David Leeman

        Of course that would be a positive move, however, I would be disappointed and quite surprised in both Cruz and Rubio if either of them agreed to be a running mate with Trump, and violate their principles of decency and morality. I think very often a President Trump would put them in the very uncomfortable position of having to support either actions or words that is a contradiction to their convictions. Of course, he will do the same to you and all who vote for him. I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t think it would be long until he does things which both will embarrass America (as did Bill Clinton) or take positions that are fundamentally opposite of what America stands for as Bernie Sanders. Vote for Donald Trump, and you are voting for a broken clock. Correct twice a day, but the rest of the time totally leading America astray. Watch now–he’s going to soften his rhetoric temporarily to win over his detractors. But the REAL Donald Trump who brags about his sexual conquests, denigrates on looks, humiliates the disabled, who belittles a hero prisoner of war and has made his living largely off an industry that has destroyed people and families (gambling casinos), he will rise to lead in a way that serves him, not America. I have long respected your faith and financial advice, Bob, and I only hope you will search your heart about your compromising support for someone who violates everything I know you believe in regarding either Christian or simply gentlemanly behavior. Do you want your children or grandchildren emulating that Presidents words or behavior? I can’t imagine you do. As much as I disagree with Obama’s politics, I’d much rather my children act like him than Trump. (not sure if I could say the same about Clinton, although I will give her credit for remaining with her vows to Bill.)
        P.S. Pastor Jeffries might believe he’ll do more for the Christian community but that is a compromise with the devil who said “you will rule over these lands.”

        • Bob Brooks

          Thank you for your thoughts – I think either one of them would be the VP in heart beat simply because they are politicians. They will find a way to justify it. Yes, I don’t agree with his behavior or his principles. This is pretty simple. It is about the direction of our country. I truly do feel that Trump will take care of business because that is what he does. His ego wouldn’t allow anything else to happen. No, it won’t be pretty and yes we will all cringe at the sight of it. Clinton will burn the place down. I gave up the hope of having a Godly man in the White House along time ago. No man of moral and Godly principle would ever succeed as a politician because they wouldn’t stoop to what you have to do today when it comes to politics. Just because Trump or Cruz or anyone was President, I wouldn’t want either of my boys emulating them. Politics is a screwed up thing. The days of a Ronald Reagan Presidency have past us by. Politics is a lot of different these days. You have to be willing to get a little dirty to reach the highest office in the world. If I were to vote my heart, I wouldn’t vote at all. Having said that, I feel the responsibility to vote and select the lesser of two evils. I put this piece out there for one reason. I think the Christian community needs to be rethinking their position. If it comes down to Trump or Clinton, they need to vote because I don’t think that anyone is thinking through what a game changer a Clinton Presidency will be. Besides, don’t you think God has allowed this to happen for a reason?

  • Sara

    Hi Bob, I understand that Ben Carson doesn’t have a chance at this point… Thanks to dirty politics and media’s racial bias, as I see it. But I think he embodies The Christian tenets that I hold. I understand he doesn’t have the media precence needed to get noticed… However we’ll never know exactly how he could’ve represented himself because he’s been pushed out of the debate. So to get to my question: i’d like to know your opinion regarding Mr. Carson. I just wondered if you ever thought he could have had a chance or if you could have ever supported him? Sarah

    • Bob Brooks

      I think of two issues when I think of Ben Carson. One of the reasons you don’t see people like Ben Carson succeed in politics is because of his strong Christian values. In politics, you have to get a little dirty to survive. Huckabee was the same way. Their Christian values prevent them from doing the underhanded things that politics ultimately requires. I think that it is tough to be Christ like and win at politics at the same time. Second, America has fallen away from God. Thus, the majority of America won’t relate to Christian values. Unfortunately, a large percentage of America doesn’t care about his Christian values. Thus you have two tough obstacles to overcome. It is very sad when you think about it

  • Deets

    Cronyism is not the biggest problem in our country. Abortion and same-sex marriage are the death knoll for America. Mr. Trump is for both. Neither he, nor any other human being, is able to make America great. As a follow of the Lord Jesus Christ, ask yourself why the horrific murder of 55 million unborn human beings is not an issue that should be addressed.

    • Bob Brooks

      He is actually pro-life. I can’t speak for gat marriage. Yes those are without question huge issues. At the same time, you can tie it all back to Cronyism.

      • crashtx1

        “Donald Trump shocked attendees at the conservative CPAC conference in February when he declared himself pro-life after years of supporting the pro-abortion position”.

  • Maria

    Thank you for the well written point of view. I have found it hard to read anything on politics to date because it’s laced with anger without reason. You have definitely changed my perspective.

    • Bob Brooks

      Maria – thank you for your kind words. I have taken a little flack for the post. I just wanted the Christian community, which is primarily my readership, to think of this a little differently.

  • RandyandSteve Ekberg

    You said “you” really weren’t into bashing, but you didn’t say anything positive about Cruz or Rubio only negative, shame on you. At least they are Christians, who are trying to stop our financial support of abortion, trying to find ways to reduce our 19+ trillion dollar debt and putting a conservative in the SCOTUS. The old saying still goes with you, “Christians eat there own”. Trump is a Democrat spoiling the Republican chances of winning the election. You have definitely changed my thinking of your Prudent Money page. Thank you Sir.

  • JT

    Dang Bob, strike a nerve!?
    I voted my conscience and voted FOR Ben Carson. I’ll vote against someone later, or said differently, the lesser of two evils….which will still be evil.
    Hang tough Bob if you venture into political opinion.
    Your friend,

    • Bob Brooks

      Well, it comes down to the lesser of two evils. We obviously aren’t going to get what we want morally in this next election or spiritual leadership. I think that we have to grasp that fact and realize that we might as well as give the country away with 4 more years of a Democrat/progressive ideology. So, I knew that there would be a percentage that don’t like my thoughts. Like with everything else I do, I want to challenge the way people think. It is not as if I am jumping up and down with joy as to our options. Hope you are doing well Kpe

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