My Go – To Reading List

By Bob Brooks

February 26, 2015

Through the years, I have interviewed many authors who written some great books.  Then there are the books that I would call the authority on a subject.  Said another way, if you want to learn everything about a certain subject, this is the book to read. 

I wanted to start this list and update as I encounter more books.  So, this week I wanted to start the list


The One Page Financial Plan by Carl Richards 

The vast majority of people don’t plan and set to goals.  There are a number of reasons why this is the case.  First, Carl helps you get through those roadblocks so that you go through the process.  Most importantly, he breaks down the process into an easy to understand plan. 

Most financial plans end up not being very realistic. Carl adds a dose of reality and makes the entire process relatable.  This is the first book of its’ kind that I whole heartedly recommend on the financial planning process. 

Carl is known for his hand drawn illustrations which really work to help the reader get a clearer understanding.  The book is full of his simple sketches.

Carl is a weekly columnist for the New York Times where his weekly Sketch Guy column has run every Monday for over 5 years.

Listen to the interview HERE





The IRS Problem Solver by Dan Pilla

I have known Dan for well over a decade.  Dan is considered one of the foremost authorities on the IRS.  This is by far is best most complete book on dealing with the IRS.  He gives step by step instruction on just any problem or situation you can encounter with the IRS. To listen to the interview with the author, go here.


How to Win Your Tax Audit by Dan Pilla

This is Dan’s latest book.  If you are facing an audit, this is a must read.  You will be prepared to defend and protect yourself after reading this book.  If you want to listen to the interview on this book, go here.




Social Security



Getting Paid to Wait – Brian Doherty

Most people don’t understand how social security works.  This book details everything that you need to know about social security.  There are strategies where you can maximize your social security benefit.  The book goes through every one of them detail by detail.  It also thoroughly answers the biggest question about social security.  When do I take it?  If you want to listen to the interview on this book, go here


Student Loan Debt

Graduation Debt – Reyna Gobel

This is a field that is constantly changing. Reyna Global has written the most complete guide that I have come across.  She goes into great detail on managing student loans and all of the options that are available to get lower interest rates and relief from high payments.   If you want to listen to the interview on this book, go here.



Deceptive Money – Bob Brooks


OK, it might seem a little self-serving to add my book to a list of books that I call authorities on a subject.  The reality is that Deceptive Money covers every single detail that you need to know and understand to get out of debt.  It was written as a how to book and covers everything from dealing with debt collectors to improving your credit score to understanding the game that the credit industry plays with consumers.     

Investing – Trading

Trade Mindfully – Gary Dayton, Psy.D.

I realize that most of my listeners and readers are not trading investments.  However, for those of you who are, this is a must read.  This is all about the psychology of investing and trading.  It will increase your ability to make better decisions and make better trades. Most importantly, it will help you understand yourself when it comes to trading.  Hands down the best book I have encountered on trading. If you would like to listen to the interview, click here.




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