Is Your Car a Safety Hazard?

mercedes-benz-1036353_960_720Is Your Car a Safety Hazard?

In 2015, the automotive industry saw a new record number of automotive recalls. 51.4 million cars were recalled in 2015.

The most infamous recall is the Takata Airbag. The airbag which is installed in the majority of brands can explode without warning sending shrapnel flying through the air. They estimate that this could affect 61 million cars. People are on a wait list as long as a year to get them replaced. What’s worst, some car manufacturers are actually putting them on brand new cars with the plan to replace them in three years. Why three years? It is estimated that these defects don’t show up for at least three years. Also the manufacturers don’t disclose this at any time during the sale of the car.

There is obviously a problem. What is contributing to it? I think that it is about profit and unions.

Car manufacturers are cutting corners in order to make as much money as possible. They are outsourcing parts buying the cheapest possible. They are focusing on the technology and the toys which sell cars rather than the workmanship.

I interviewed Stephen Kohn who is considered one of the top Whistle Blower Attorneys in the nation. He said that the Auto industry is the only industry that is not protected by whistle blower laws. Whistle blower laws keep industries honest because anyone can blow the whistle on you and do so anonymously. However, not the case in the automotive industry. If you are caught being a whistle blower, you could lose your life. As a result, this is an industry controlled by unions that can get away with anything.

The biggest problem with these recalls is that they are safety related issues. So it makes sense to consistently check to make sure that your car is not showing up on the list. You can go to this site and plug in your VIN and see if there are any active recalls on your car.

This is just the beginning of the problems. What do you get as the automotive industry is racing to create driverless cars? Well, you get one big hackable computer on wheels. Can you imagine someone hacking into your car and controlling it? Do you think that the automotive industry is going to make sure that can’t happen?  That would take time and money to work out all of those kinks. Do you think that hackers are going to easily figure it out? It has already happened. If you think through it, as technology continues to advance the potential for problems mounts.

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