Is Pokemon Go Putting You in Danger of Identity Theft?

15855489588_6c209780a9_bIs Pokemon Go Putting You in Danger of Identity Theft?

Adam Levin, cyber security expert and author of his new book Swiped shared with me on the Prudent Money Radio Show the security risks hidden in our homes and on our phones. From Smart TVs, to coffee markers, and even apps on your phone – your personal identity is at risk now more than ever by hackers. He refers to Identity Theft as the “third certainty” in life.

There are some people who feel like there’s nothing they can do at all – it’s inevitable – or that they aren’t important enough to be a victim of identity theft. Then there are the ones that think it will never happen to them.  The main goal of any cyber thief is to exploit anything and everything for their gain – it has nothing to do with your net worth or assets. Having your name, address, social security number, date of birth is where the money is at; it is precious information that is sought out in the black market.

Identity Theft Protection Plan:

There is a philosophy when it comes to creating a ‘portfolio’ that protects your identity and credit. Adam Levin says you need to (1) build it, (2) nurture it, (3) manage it, and (4) protect it. Meaning – you have to be proactive. “In the world we live in, you will have an issue with identity theft.”

Part of any identity theft protection plan is a good antivirus program. I asked Adam, “How do you know which protection to choose?” Adam focused the answer around – “what do you want to protect?”. He suggests that you use the most sophisticated malware you can get. Most importantly research it on Google and read reviews.

Is Pokémon Go a Security Threat?

Pokémon go is the most downloaded iPhone app ever created and is found on 5% of all Android devices.  It also serves as a good example that you need to be careful.  The developers inadvertently set it up to where you give them authorization to have full access to anything in your Google account.  Since the discovery, they have corrected it.  However, it does serve as a good reminder to be careful.  All it would take is the databases of one of these App developers to get hacked and get all of your information.

Smart TVs That Can Spy on You 

TVs, appliances, HVAC, Smart Mattresses, devices to turn off and on lights and other appliance in home (ex. Amazon Echo); every single one of these gather, store and send information to the manufacturer in order to produce more effective products. Also, since all of these devices are wired to be informational logs – they can be hacked just like everything else. If the NSA can be hacked, so can your coffee marker.  Plus, could your Smart TV be spying on you?  Adam Levin addresses that in my interview.

For information about the book, click here. To listen to the interview, click here.

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