IRS Secrets? You Bet There Are!

Exclusive free webinar with Bob Brooks and Dan Pilla

I wanted to make sure you knew about a free webinar that I am hosting with IRS Expert Dan Pilla. Dan has been a long-time friend of the show and has written 14 books on the IRS. He is considered the foremost expert on dealing with the IRS. In this special presentation, I will be doing a one on one interview with Dan. The problem isn’t the IRS. The problem is that most don’t know the secrets!

In this special presentation, Dan is going to educate you on what you need to know. The information in this presentation is sure to protect you and audit proof your life! Plus, you will get a copy of his Special Report – The IRS Strategic Plan Exposed. This 10 page document exposes the two strategic plans of the IRS. You get the report absolutely free. So, read about the event below and sign up to attend 1 of 2 presentations. With tax deadlines right around the corner, you cannot afford to be without this information. 


Session 1: SATURDAY MORNING, March 28


8:00 am PST; 9:00 am MST; 10:00 am CST; 11:00 pm EST


Click HERE to Register for SATURDAY


Session 2: SUNDAY, EVENING,  March 29


5:00 pm PST; 6:00 pm MST; 7:00 pm CST; 8:00 pm EST

Click HERE to Register for SUNDAY


DAN PILLA is the ultimate “IRS insider.” The Associated Press news service has said, “Dan Pilla knows more about how the IRS works than the IRS Commissioner.” He has frequently testified before Congressional hearings about IRS taxpayer abuse, has authored dozens of books to help taxpayers defend themselves against the onerous Revenue agency, and has help thousands of people solve their IRS and state tax problems over the past 30 years.  

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