If You Have Anthem Insurance, Take Action

This is old news because it happened last week.  Since Anthem is telling those that might be affected to just sit tight, I thought I would write about it.

In what looks like the biggest data breach on record, an estimated 80 million people have had their personal information stolen in a data breach at Anthem, Inc.  We are talking everything from social security numbers to just about every piece of personal data was hacked. 

Interestingly enough, they did state that no credit card information was compromised. Usually, that is the main information stolen and the social security number is not stolen.

Remember there are two different types of potential theft that can occur as a result of a data breach.  First, there is credit card theft.  This is mistakenly referred to as identity theft.  An authorized charge is simply fraud and not ID theft. 

Then there is the worst theft of all – social security information.  This is where a thief can do the worst of all damage to a consumer. The concern should be potential identity theft.  What’s worst, this is a problem that can last for a lifetime.  It is not like you can change a social security number like a credit card number. 

It is mind blowing that this has happened to 80 million people. 

Anthem had this to say:

“What to do if you’re a customer: If you have Anthem insurance, there’s not much you can do but sit tight for now. Anthem has set up a website, anthemfacts.com, with information about the hack.

In the next few weeks, Anthem will inform you by mail if your information was compromised. All impacted Anthem customers will receive some form of identity fraud protection, the company said.”

If you are with Anthem, take action now.  It is beyond me that their advice would be that “there is not much you can do but sit tight for now.”  Identity thieves love the fact that they have a few weeks to start illegal activity while consumers are “sitting tight.”

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