How one Listener Saved Money on Electricity


I had a listener of the show send me a story about how he saved money on his electricity.  I thought I would share this with you.  Remember that electricity is a competitive business and there are many providers that want your business. You can check the rates out at


Dear Bob,


“I found out that the TXU call center does indeed work on a commission-like pay system.  Their plans change every 6 months so you have to keep calling back to get the sweetest deal. I lucked out at getting to talk to a very helpful lady.  She accidentally hung up and I called back and talked to a different guy.  He wasn’t willing to even remotely give me the same deal that the previous representative was willing to give.  Thankfully, she called back and I quickly exited the call with the guy who wasn’t willing to be helpful.  He was not to happy

 In the end, the lady told me that since we’ve been with TXU for over 25 years, we should always demand the ultimate low rate. But…they don’t give it automatically. In the end she matched Energy Ogre’s $1500 a year savings. Bonus…they waived the Early Termination Fee of $150 from my current TXU plan.” 


Bottom Line – The electricity business is a competitive business. Always negotiate to get the best deal!  It also seems that the business is turning into a shorter contract business going from the standard 12 month to 6 month contract.


Also be sure to read this post about the sneaky tricks electricity providers pull.

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