Good Example of Identity Theft Phishing Scam

I received this the other day.  You can notice how fake the Chase logo looks.  There are several variations of this email going around.

Dear User,

It is strongly recommended that you update your account. There are series of issues about misuse and theft of account informations. We have update our security server for the year 2015 to enhance your online banking security and protect our customers from online fraud.

Click Here, to update your account.

We Are Here For You.

© 2015 JPMorgan Chase & Co.

There are two rules of thumb when it comes to protecting yourself from identity theft.

First, if someone in any capacity (in person, phone call, email, etc.) approaches you requesting you to give or update information, don’t do it.  Always verify before giving out personal information. 

Second, if you have the choice between a credit card and a debit card, use the credit card and cut up the debit card.  When it comes to having your personal information compromised, the question is not about if it will happen.  It is highly likely that it will happen to everyone at some point.  If your personal information was stolen, would you rather a thief have access to a line of credit on a credit card or direct access to your bank account?  If the debit card is your only option, just remember to always be watching your bank account.  

There is one other take away. Debit cards are dangerous. 

I would make one suggestion to the thieves trying to steal information.  IF you are going to go through all of this trouble, use proper grammar and make sure you spellcheck.   

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