“God Told Me to Make You a Lot of Money”

By Bob Brooks
January 16, 2014

I had someone call me and tell me a very disturbing story.  A financial advisor held a seminar at a church.  It was a product marketing seminar disguised as an educational seminar.  The advisor was pitching Life Partners.  This is a company in Waco, Texas that invests into life insurance policies of people who are expected to die.  If they die, you make money. I could go into more detail.  However, as disturbing as the story of how these products work, that is not the most disturbing to me.

The advisor in so many words said that God sent him to this church “to bless them and make them a lot of money.”

If God called him to bring them information, did God tell him to high pressure sell these people?  As I was told there was a lot of that happening.

Did God tell him to boost his credibility by showing them proof he was a Christian and honorable man?

Apparently this advisor was a host of a local radio show that aired sporadically on Christian Radio.  He presented them with a letter from the radio station that says he never had a complaint filed against him.  According to the person involved with this situation, he presented this to show his credibility and as proof “he was a Christian.”

The people who invested their money with this advisor ended up realizing that they were not going to make life changing money.  In fact, their life savings is tied up and they are wondering if they will even get it back.  The investment did not even remotely perform like they are almost promised and he won’t return any of their calls. 



It is not my place to judge this man’s intentions.  I don’t write this as an indictment.  I write this to point out that there are people who use God as a marketing tool to make money.  Christians can be fooled by those who hide behind God in order to foster credibility to make money.  It is important to be able to discern between those who are operating with a pure heart versus those who are marketing with God.  

You don’t need to tell a person you are a Christian when doing business.   Demonstrating that through actions is sufficient.  

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