Don’t Get Ripped Off at These 24-Hour Emergency Room Facilities

I wanted to share this Ask Bob email so that you are aware.


Just wanted you to know my daughter who went to Elite Care got billed over $3,000 for a pretty standard exam. She knows now if she can’t wait to go to a Urgent Care , etc.,  to just go to the Emergency Room since it would have been less expensive. They suckered her in by saying her insurance was accepted and would cover it. Wrong! At least she has met her deductible early in the year. I know it is not but it almost feels like fraud.

If you have an urgent need, urgent care places are much better than these stand alone 24-hour emergency rooms. There is a reason that these are on every corner. They are obviously big money makers. Of course, that is at the consumer’s expense.

 If that is the only option, make sure you get an estimate of the cost up-front. If the staff tells you that insurance will pick up the cost, quiz them and get specifics. In fact, I would get it in writing.

I learned my lesson the hard way two summers ago. I had to take my son for a separated shoulder. It was July 3rd , late in the afternoon, and I didn’t think it could wait. Twenty minute visit and one x-ray created a bill for $1,900.

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