Do You Tip the Uber Driver or Not and other Rules for Tipping.


Do you Tip the Uber Driver or not and other Rules of Tipping

Do you tip or not?  Some situations are clear cut.  You definitely tip.  Other scenarios are not so clear cut.  Then there is Uber.  First, what are the basics of tipping?

Miriam Cross of Kiplinger Magazine came on the show to discuss the dos and don’ts of tipping.  These are the basic rules:


  • 15% is starting to be considered the bare minimum and 20% the expected norm
  • If the employee just hands you your food, coffee, product etc., no tip is required
  • If the employee goes through the process of putting your order together making sure that everything is perfect or does something that makes your life easier, they should be tipped.


Bottom line – You definitely tip if that is the primary source of their income. Whether it is the primary source or not and the individual goes way beyond the call of duty giving you excellent service or making life easier, tipping should be expected.  If they are getting a fair wage and they are just doing their job and not going above and beyond, tipping is not required.

What about Uber?  Uber says on their web-site that tipping is not necessary.  I don’t know about you.  It just doesn’t feel right not to tip. If I took a Taxi, I would tip.  So, I asked Miriam her take on tipping the Uber driver.  Miriam said, “It is such a new technology that there are no rules in place for tipping.  However, we do recommend that you tip your Uber driver.”  I say just go by the bottom line.  If it is not their primary source of income and they don’t figure out how to earn the tip, tipping is not required.

For those in the service business, you should consider what are you going to do above and beyond to earn a tip or additional tip beyond the norm?  That question should be a rule of thumb.  It can even be the small things that matter.

What about bad service?  There are times that bad service is not necessarily the fault of the employee waiting on you.  You have to bear in mind that there are many moving parts that go into a dining experience and it is a tough call determining on who was to blame.

Miriam suggested “that there should always be a standard tip even with bad service.”  I say that by stiffing the wait staff, you are not teaching them a lesson nor making life any easier for them.  After all, how about showing a little Grace?  Everyone has a bad day now and then.

For a look at the Miriam’s full article on tipping, go to Kiplinger Magazine for more information.

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