Dan Celia

Is Raising Minimum Wage a Good Idea? $15 a hour… In 2022 that will be California’s minimum wage. Is it a good idea? Nationally syndicated radio host Dan Celia is here to weigh in. LISTEN TO THE INTERVIEW… Read More

Lori R. Sackler

Bob interviews Lori Sackler about her book The M Word- The Money Talk Every Family Needs to Have About Wealth and Their Financial Future- A must listen episode about the one thing very few people are doing- talking about… Read More

James Rickards

Bob interviews New York Times Best Selling Author James Rickards on his latest best seller The New Case for Gold. LISTEN TO THE INTERVIEW HERE Buy the Book James Rickards Project  James Rickards Blog  James Rickards Twitter  

David Allen

What to Do When Your Finances Are in a Mess and You Are Disorganized? Bob interviews The New York Times bestselling author David Allen on his book “Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity”. LISTEN TO THE INTERVIEW… Read More

Matt Towery

How can you use the news to make better investments? Today Bob interviews Matt Towery and his latest book Newsvesting – this is a must read for investors. LISTEN TO THE INTERVIEW HERE Buy the Book Matt’s Website… Read More

Ron Carson

  Bob interviews Ron Carson on his book The Sustainable Edge. A book that will help you get back to focusing on the most important aspects of your life and create much needed balance. LISTEN TO THE INTERVIEW… Read More