Brett R. Smith

Bob interviews Brett R. Smith author of the illustrated edition of Clinton Cash – a New York Times #1 Best Seller. LISTEN TO THE INTERVIEW HERE BUY THE BOOK CLINTON CASH GRAPHIC EDITION WEBSITE

Mark Rampolla

Bob interviews Mark Rampolla, the founder of ZICO Coconut Water. His book is a story of inspiration and passion focusing on changing the world versus money. LISTEN TO THE INTERVIEW HERE BUY THE BOOK ZICO WATER FACEBOOK PAGE ZICO… Read More

Consuelo Mack

Bob interviews Consuelo Mack, host of highly rated television show Wealth Track. Money Magazine named Consuelo “The Best Money TV Host.” Listen to the interview about closing the retirement income gap. LISTEN TO THE INTERVIEW HERE MORE ABOUT CONSUELO… Read More

Chris Voss

Bob interviews Chris Voss on his new book on negotiation called Never Split the Difference. Chris, a FBI negotiator for two decades, is considered to be one of the top negotiators in the country. LISTEN TO THE INTERVIEW… Read More

Peter B. Doran

What Can We Learn From John D. Rockefeller About Oil? Bob interviewed Peter B. Doran, Vice President of Research at the Center for European Policy Analysis, on his new book Breaking Rockefeller. The past can teach us a… Read More

Dr. Daniel Shapiro

How to Resolve Conflict in Marriage? Bob interviewed Dr. Daniel Shapiro on his new book Negotiating the Nonnegotiable. If you want to change your marriage for the better, listen to this episode and read his book. Dr. Shapiro… Read More