US Government Seizing Taxpayer Cash?

The other day I wrote about Greece and the Prime Minister’s decision to seize Greek local government cash in order to fund their federal government expenses.  Apparently, cash seizures by the Government are happening here as well.  However,… Read More

Could Asset Seizure Occur in the US?

Greece is running out of money and nearing default on its debt.  The debt crisis in Greece has been going on now for so long that they are having a tough time getting another bail-out.  They owe roughly… Read More

What Your Kids Think About the Family Finances

How do you think your kids feel about your family’s finances?  Well. T. Rowe Price did an survey that had some interesting results.   Here were the results: 82% of parents said they think they are setting a good financial… Read More

What Will You Do With Your Tax Refund?

It is April 15th and some will receive a much anticipated tax refund.  The average refund is $3,500.  What should you do with it?  Some use this as a savings strategy knowing that money will come in handy about… Read More

Good Example of Identity Theft Phishing Scam

I received this the other day.  You can notice how fake the Chase logo looks.  There are several variations of this email going around. Dear User, It is strongly recommended that you update your account. There are series of… Read More

Saving Won’t Get You to Your Retirement Goals

TIAA-CREFF just released a survey on retirement saving.  This survey and how it is presented is illustrative of the problem with the financial services industry.  The compartmentalize retirement planning by leading the reader to believe if you just… Read More