Social Security Garnished over Student Loan Debt?

We are all aware of the ticking time bomb that we call student loan debt. However, did you know it is affecting senior citizens?  According to a recent article in The Washington Post (see below), the number of… Read More

Is a Currency Crisis About to Happen?

Well Porter Stansberry is up to his scare/gloom/doom messaging again. However, this time he is using Senator Ron Paul to deliver his message.  You can watch Dr. Paul’s dire predictions at  He is predicting the next big… Read More

Politicians Break the Very Laws they Write

Congress has access to a great deal of non-public corporate information due to their regulatory powers.  In 2012, a story broke that uncovered many politicians were using that classified information to buy stock before news came out.  For… Read More

Is the Stock Market Crashing and We Just Don’t Know It?

Certainly you would know when the stock market was crashing.   Obviously, at least through today, it isn’t crashing. However, retail investors are certainly acting like it. reported this week that investors sold 35 billion dollars worth of… Read More

Prudent Money Mailbox – My Card Was Stolen!

Dear Bob My credit card number was stolen.  The Card Company detected fraud and contacted me.  They are sending me new cards with a new number.  My card was not lost, so I’m unsure how the number was… Read More

How the Great Recession Has Affected the Millennial Generation

A recent study from shows some interesting results in how the great recession might have shaped their situation.  The study survived now 21 -29 year olds.  During the Great Recession/Financial Crisis that age range would have been 15… Read More