Buying In Bulk Doesn’t Always Save You Money

By Bob Brooks
March 2, 2015

There is the misconception that buying in bulk aways saves you money.  It is that concept that has made companies like Costco and Sam’s very profitable  Kiplinger Magazine put out an article today debunking that notion.  Here were a few examples:

Cereal – You don’t need to buy in bulk to get the best deal on cereal. Just stock up whenever it’s on sale at the supermarket. The sale price for cereal is often less per ounce on smaller boxes at supermarket. For example, a large, 30-ounce box of Kashi Organic cereal usually costs $3 more than two smaller 16.3-ounce boxes (32.6 ounces total) on sale at the supermarket. 

Cooking Oil Cooking oil might seem like a great bulk buy, but it has a shelf life of six months. Unless you’re frying food daily, you might not be able to go through a gallon of vegetable oil before it goes bad.

Liquid Bleach and Detergent Bleach has a shelf life of about six months once you bring it home from the store. After that, its effectiveness naturally degrades. So if you don’t use a lot of bleach, opt for smaller bottles of low-cost generic brands or store brands from the supermarket over bulk-size name-brand bleach.

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