Banking Incentives You Just Might Like just released a report on some sweet incentives offered up by banks for new accounts.  Obviously, it is important to read all of the fine print and make sure that you are comfortable with it.  Never take the incentive at face value.  Also, make sure that you aren’t paying higher fees later that ends up compensating for the incentives.  If you are shopping for a bank, they are worth checking out.


The 12 Best Checking Account Promotions Today

    • Bank of America: $200
    • Bank of America2: $300
    • BankDirect: American Airlines AAdvantage Miles
    • BankUnited: $120
    • BBVA Compass Bank: $150
    • Chase Bank: $150
    • Discover Bank: $50
    • Langley Federal Credit Union: $50
    • Nationwide Bank: $200
    • PNC Bank: $300
    • Santander Bank: $240
  • SunTrust Bank: $200


Additional insights:

    • Cash: The top cash checking promotions varied in value from $50 to $300.
    • Recurring Bonus: Not all cash-back promos are one-time deals; Santander Bank pays new extra 20 account holders up to $20 a month for meeting certain requirements.
    • Miles: BankDirect is the first online bank to offer customers the chance to earn American Airlines miles through banking products, including checking, money market and CD accounts.
  • How to Apply: Qualifying criteria varied, with most banks on this list enforcing either direct deposit requirements or daily balance minimums.

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