Are You Taking Too Much Risk and Not Know It?

This is Not a Good Sign for the Stock MarketAre You Taking Too Much Risk and Not Know It?

Managing your risk level is critical to long-term success with investments.  It is especially important today with the stock market looking more risky than ever.  To help out Prudent Money Listeners, we are offering up two resources.  First, do you even know how you are wired when it comes to risk?  If not, take our risk survey and we will send you back a personal risk assessment which details your prudent money risk DNA.  We are wired differently.  It is important to understand your tendencies when it comes to risk. 

Second, we are going to take it one step further.  With or without the risk survey, you can now email your investment statements and we will rate your investments from 1 to 10 on the risk scale using our risk analysis methods. Oftentimes, people are taking way more risk than they realize.  We are offering this for a limited amount of time.  Knowing your risk level, helps in making investment decisions.  Make sure you know yours! Email Judy Parrish at to get started.



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