Are You Invested the Right Way?

Are you invested the right way

The current stock market has wreaked havoc on investments for sure.  The January statements are evidence of that fact.  As you contemplate your results, do you wonder if you are invested the right way?  You can actually ask that question in another way.  Are you taking the right kind of risk?  That is at the heart of the question.

Each one of us has our own specific make-up when it comes to risk.  I have always thought that a break- down in communication commonly occurs when advisors seek out the risk level of a potential client.  On a scale of 1 to 10, what is your risk level?  That is commonly asked.  Once the number is shared, the advisor often checks the box and moves on.  I have always thought that the risk level question was too arbitrary.  I would rather know a person’s specific make-up when it comes to risk.   This is why I developed the Prudent Money Risk Survey to help identify your specific Prudent Money DNA when it comes to taking the risk. 

There are many options when it comes to investments and strategies. It is important that you are in the right risk strategy.  If not, you risk making emotional decisions with your investments.  As I have always said making decisions through the filter of emotions rarely ends up with a good outcome.

As a good example, I pointed out in yesterday’s post investors are jumping to annuities as a plan B strategy when their risk level does not support being in an annuity.  Annuities are for people who DO NOT want to take risk.  The problem in that case is not the stock market.  It is that the investor is taking the wrong kind of risk.

As we travel through this volatile market, make sure you are at peace with the strategy that you are taking.  For most, I have found that they don’t have a resource to accomplish that task.  I am happy to help you in 1 of 3 ways.

1)      We can start a conversation through email.  Email me at

2)     We can arrange a 20-minute phone call.  You are welcome to call my office at 972-386-0384 and get on my calendar.

3)     You can take my Prudent Money Risk Survey  and I will send you a written analysis based on your survey.

Full disclosure, I do manage money when not on the radio and this is not intended to be a call about my services.  I am happy to talk to you about what I do for my clients.  However, that is not the intent of these resources.

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