An Easy Way to Teach Your Kids About Investing

An Easy Way to Teach Your Kids About Investing


When I come across a great idea, I want to share it with you. I am always trying to think of new ways to educate my boys on how the stock market works. Really the best way to do it is by participation. It is tough to purchase with a kid’s allowance. However, with Stockpile’s revolutionary platform, it is as easy as buying a gift card and purchasing and owning a share or part of a share in a company such as Apple.


Here is how it works:


You can purchase a gift card to purchase stock at over 14,000 grocery and retail outlets. You can also purchase stock at or purchase an e-gift and send it to someone.


The beauty of this platform is that your child can (with the supervision of an adult) purchase a stock such as Apple,, Tesla, etc. for $25.00. If for example your child wanted to purchase McDonald’s and the stock was trading at $50.00 a share and your child had $25 to invest, you would purchase the stock and own 1/2 of a share. The platform allows you to purchase fractional shares.


This platform allows your child to buy stock at low dollar amounts and be a shareholder in a publicly traded company.  If the share price goes up, then the fractional shares will go up. Your child can go online to access the brokerage account and see the growth for themselves. You give them the decision-making authority to buy and to sell and they can learn in real time how the stock market works. It is a great way to have a conversation about how stocks grow.

Give the Gift for Stock for Graduation


Looking for a unique gift for graduation? Either send an e-gift or purchase a gift card to stockpile and gift the new graduate the ability to purchase stock of their choosing. I think it is a much better gift than the standard gift of money.


The bottom line is that we as parents need to educate our kids about how investments work and gives parents a perfect way to teach in real time.


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