An App That Will Help You Get the Best Deals This Christmas

Money In A LineAn App That Will Help You Get the Best Deals This Christmas

I get all types of press releases sent to me during the week. When I come across something worthwhile, I want to pass it on to you.

Have you ever bought something at full price and then find out it went on sale? Well, there is a new app by Slice called Slice Drops that gets shoppers money back when items they have previously bought go on sale.

Slice Drops cashes in on a little secret savvy shoppers know: many merchants will refund you the difference if something you bought goes on sale after you bought it. This new free app scans billions of online purchases, and once it sees that an item you bought is on sale, it not only tells you about it, but will send an e-mail on your behalf to get you your refund. It is that easy.

Slice has been helping online shoppers keep track of their online purchases with its indispensable Slice shopping app, which tracks packages, spending, and sales to save shoppers time and money, for years. The price drops function was a favorite feature, so they decided it deserved its own app that tracked price drops better than ever – including offering price protection on Amazon purchases – and called it Slice Drops.

Slice saves the average user more than $30, but we’ve heard from people who have gotten hundreds of dollars refunded on purchases.

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