A Strategy for Getting into College

collegeA Strategy for Getting into College

I get the opportunity to interview many different authors. Sometimes, I come across a book that I strongly recommend. College is such an investment and you have to approach it differently. Greg Kaplan has written a great book on how to do just that. It is called Earning Admissions.  Here is a link to the podcast and the website is www.earningadmission.com.

In the book he talks about marketing your student and how to go through that process. He explains that the competition is tougher than ever. Over 1,000,000 students from other countries are flooding the markets. What sets your student apart? More importantly, what value do they bring to the college? Can you believe we are asking these questions? Things have really changed.

He talks about how to build the perfect application. He stresses it is about creating a theme and carrying it out through the whole process. I would probably call it branding. It is all the same thing. He takes the reader through a step by step process. The all important SAT and ACT tests are merely a baseline test. He says that there is a massive supply of students with good test scores. What sets your student apart? What should you be doing when your student is a Freshman?

Yes, the game has changed.

I will be facing this process within 3 years or so. Before the interview I dreaded the process. Today I look forward to it. Greg makes you look at the process much differently.

I highly recommend this book! To purchase the book, click here.

Bob Brooks is host of The Prudent Money Radio Show, Financial Advisor, and active money manager that consults and helps people plan.


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