1 in 4 Auto Shops in Dallas Could Be Overcharging Women for Repair

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1 in 4 Auto Shops in Dallas Could Be Overcharging Women for Repair

One of the reasons Tony Joe hosts the Special Car Corner edition on Fridays on the Prudent Money Radio Show is so you can learn what to look for and want not to do when it comes to repair jobs on your cars. It can be expensive. This is especially the case when it comes to getting ripped off. Let’s face it – People know very little as it is about money. For car repairs, I would suggest that people know even less.

As a result, you have to trust. Oftentimes, you have to make that call quickly. Car repairs demand your attention immediately. Repairpal.com did an interesting study to see what was really going on.

They had both a male and female customer separately call a random sample of 40 repair shops getting sample estimates on the same types of repairs. They even varied the types of cars they used.

Based on an undercover study that used anonymous calls, here is the shocking truth:

Nationwide, women are overcharged by an average of 8% compared to men.

In big cities like LA, San Francisco, and New York, women are can be overcharged by a whopping average  of 94%.

In Dallas, 25% of auto shops routinely quote higher prices for women clientele.

In a study conducted across multiple cities by RepairPal —the largest car repair estimator website and nationwide network of certified repair shops—women are still struggling to get the the same fair price for repairs at the auto shop.

Other Findings:

While not a single shop denied the male participants a quote, an astonishing 18 shops told our female participants to bring their car in to the shop for an estimate.

Key Takeaway – Ladies if they won’t to give you a quote over the phone, go somewhere else.

When women called the shops to inquire about repairs for their BMW, the shops routinely gave them a higher quote than the men who called about the same car issue.

Tony Joe Rule of Thumb – If the quote is $500 or more get a second opinion.

The most likely scenario is that shops are taking advantage of what they believe to be a general lack of automotive knowledge amongst women. It’s stereotypical and unfair, to say the least.

Key Takeaway – There is a reason repair shops are one of the least trusted businesses and have the most amount of complaints.

Repairpal.com is an excellent source for getting a good idea of what is a fair estimate. Do a little homework. That is not advice only for women.  That goes for the guys as well. I know that I know nothing about what the true costs are for automotive repair.

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